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We help you create an unboxing experience that wows customers while increasing awareness of your brand through exciting imagery, without sacrificing product protection.


We can’t say enough about the quality and service we receive from BCI. They are knowledgeable and willing to help with anything that we may need. Be it a new project or daily necessities, their responsiveness has exceeded our expectations.

Indy Hanger & Supply

Good and honest communication has been the norm from day one with BCI and that, coupled with responsive service/availability of product, are the biggest reasons they are our primary corrugate supplier moving forward.

Saint Gobain Abrasives

BCI’s ability to flex its business model to adjust to the demands and rigors of Acuity’s standards and business growth is a testimony to the dedication of the leadership and employees of BCI.

Acuity Brands

BCI's attention to detail, commitment to quality, and sustainable options make me a proud and very satisfied customer.

Something Borrowed Blooms

 “The ingenuity on how to find a means of creating this unique artwork we were striving for and designing the boxes for our retail sales was fantastic. In this competitive space, having unique packaging is key.” 

Saint Lawrence Spirits

 “The process was seamless and very fast. Everyone is incredibly responsive and, quite honestly, the reason we moved away from our previous vendor. The display is beautiful. Hoping to be able to expand our business!” 


 “BCI was great to work with. We explained our issue with our current display and the concerns we had. They were able to work with us to come up with a new solution that solved our issues. The new display is more flexible, less expensive and takes us much less time to assemble. We can build twice as many displays per hour now. Great team and customer service.” 

Pens Paint & Paper

 “I recently had the pleasure of working with BCI on the redesign of our master case and the experience was nothing short of outstanding. I am thoroughly impressed with their product, customer service, and quick turnaround. They really took the time to understand our specific needs and were also able to save on costs while still achieving the look we wanted.” 


“We needed a corrugated supplier that was close to our turnkey provider in PA and wanted local assistance in Houston on design and execution of the project. BCI was able to cover us at both locations with the services we need. The whole process was seamless.”


 “Quote process was quick and easy. Received a very reasonable quote in a fast amount of time. Samples also received in a quick amount of time for review. Overall process was made very easy.” 


The “wow” factor is a pivotal part of the customer experience, which begins the moment your product arrives on their doorstep.

In the ecommerce business, the box your product comes in is almost as important as the product itself because it’s your customers’ first in-person impression of your brand. A well-designed package can turn a regular unboxing into a memorable moment that your customers will want to repeat.

BCI helps you create a delivery and unboxing experience that generates excitement for your brand and your products. Our creative team will collaborate with you to produce an ecommerce packaging design with vibrant colors, compelling messaging, and a unique structural design that reaches your customers on a visceral level. And our high-end, multicolor printing capabilities allow us to print and coat two sides of the packaging in one pass for the most cost-efficient solution possible.

Our team of designers will collaborate closely with you to craft the strategy and execute the ecommerce packaging that keeps your product intact during mailing and makes every unboxing feel like Christmas morning. With our wide range of materials, styles, and customization options, we can bring to life your most creative ideas — from minimalist ecommerce packaging designs to luxurious concepts.

Connect with our team to learn more about our ecommerce packaging designs and how to get your project started.



Case Studies



When an eye-catching floor display was needed to promote an iconic brand’s trading cards, BCI came to the rescue. right-arrow

Pinnacle Vodka

When Pinnacle Vodka needed to make a splash upon launch into the US adult beverage market, it turned to the design expertise of BCI to create an iconic presence at the point of sale. right-arrow


When Lexmark needed a way to promote the launch of its new Interpret Wi-Fi printer line, it knew BCI was up to the challenge of putting great ideas on paper — and at retail. right-arrow


McGuire-Nicholas is a leading manufacturer of quality heavy-duty products targeted at contractors and DIYers who frequent the home improvement channel. When the company needed a compelling off-shelf solution for its Workwear product line, it turned to BCI to take its retail positioning to the next level. right-arrow

Miller Brewing Company

The Miller Brewing Company can claim a long history of innovation, as its Miller Lite brand was the first low-calorie, low-carb beer introduced in America. Therefore, it was only natural that the iconic brand would rely on BCI’s expertise to assist the national rollout of its new Fridge Pack design. right-arrow

Gateway Bank

As a new entrant into the competitive retail banking industry, Gateway Bank needed a way to promote their financial products to customers in their retail lobbies. right-arrow