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Miller Brewing Company

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The Miller Brewing Company can claim a long history of innovation, as its Miller Lite brand was the first low-calorie, low-carb beer introduced in America. Therefore, it was only natural that the iconic brand would rely on BCI’s expertise to assist the national rollout of its new Fridge Pack design.


  • Promote the new Miller Lite Fridge Pack packaging launch at the retail level
  • Drive consumer awareness and support incremental sales


BCI quickly realized that the best solution would be to simply let the new Fridge Pack sell itself — but on a grander scale. As a result, the design teams drew inspiration from the primary package and replicated it at a larger-than-life size. Combined with high-end litho printing, the finished piece added some much-needed “pop” to adult beverage retailers everywhere. With dual use as a ceiling dangler or directly as a countertop unit, the Drake design appealed to beer drinkers nationwide!


The Fridge Pack was a bona fide hit – and BCI’s marketing support at retail helped lead the charge.