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Gateway Bank

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As a new entrant into the competitive retail banking industry, Gateway Bank needed a way to promote their financial products to customers in their retail lobbies.


  • Create elegant visual solutions to promote financial products
  • Deliver maximum stopping power while taking up minimal space within the financial centre lobby
  • Survive the rigors of the retail environment for at least a three-month promotional lifespan


BCI’s solution was engineered to have the appearance of a permanent display while being manufactured entirely out of temporary materials. As such, heavy-duty corrugated and high-end litho printing presented a polished look while also remaining cost-effective. Sight lines were carefully considered to maximize consumer awareness of the kiosks upon entry while not blocking security cameras. In addition, elegantly curved graphic panels added dimensionality and a friendly sense of approachability.


BCI’s creativity and execution led to a respectable increase in loan applications at Gateway Bank branches.