BCI has invested a lot in new equipment to better serve our customers, but the biggest thing we do better than our competition is taking care of our employees. Without them, it doesn’t matter what equipment we’ve got.

We encourage a family atmosphere of employees who look out for one another. That’s why we have an impeccable safety record. Our team puts in 100% every day to make sure we take care of our customers. But they also work safely every day, making sure that not only they, but the person working next to them, goes home the same way they showed up to work.

And with a team of good people comes heart. BCI supports numerous charitable organizations. We dedicate our time and resources to giving back to our communities.

“Everyone I’ve worked and interacted with, from production to corporate executives, have been so genuine. I feel like the people I work with/for actually care about me as a person. When I interviewed, I was told BCI wants to hire “good people” and that’s been evident from the beginning.”

Customer Service

“BCI offers a balance of fast-paced culture with a friendly team atmosphere that makes it feel that we are all in it together.”

Account Executive

“Coming in to BCI, I had culture shock in a good way by their dedication to employee wellbeing and commitment to work/life balance. The advantages of working for an employee-owned company were immediately evident from the passion, commitment to quality and safety, all-around positive demeaner of the people working here, both veteran BCI employees and new employees just starting out in the BCI experience.”

Maintenance Manager

“I’ve witnessed over the years BCI’s commitment to building and promoting talent from within and appreciate the path that commitment has helped set me on.”

Fulfillment Supervisor

“Every day I have the genuine opportunity and ability to make a positive impact for our customers, for our organization and for our planet. That means the world to me.”

Account Executive

“Over the last decade I have enjoyed working for an employee-owned company where everyone shares in the success of BCI. Throughout my journey BCI has encouraged me in a variety of different roles, allowing me to grow professionally while contributing to the success and culture of the company.”


Our Commitment to

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