When it needed a compelling retail solution to feature portable Magic Wand™ scanners during the back-to school blitz, VuPoint Solutions relied on BCI’s retail expertise to design and deliver a dynamite display.


  • Increase sales of portable scanners during the back-to-school season at Office Depot
  • Drive consumer awareness of Magic Wand™ products and accessories


Our BCI design teams created a temporary floor display featuring the product as the hero and enabling compelling graphics to tell the story to consumers. The design also avoided potential shipping damage and misaligned product presentation through the creative use of shipping fillers. Our Houston division managed the production of high-quality litho and flexo printing on corrugate, and on-time delivery for a successful campaign and a very happy client!


Retail audits performed by the BCI team proved that our display solution was still holding up long after the back-to-school rush was over — providing incremental sales and securing valuable selling space for future promotions.