Case Studies


Troegs is a local, family-owned independent craft brewery, founded in 1997 by John and Chris Trogner. Best known for its “Perpetual IPA”, the best selling IPA in Pennsylvania.  


During an introductory sales call it was uncovered that Troegs was having issues with their existing cartons jamming their case erector adding significant down time in production. This was an on-going issue that other vendors were unable to resolve. 


The BCI design and manufacturing team worked together to suggest structural improvements to the carton design. Troegs also allowed multiple visits from our management/production team and one of our outside machine manufacturing partners to observe the line run and discuss/suggest improvements.  


Because of these efforts, BCI was awarded a trial run, and after successful qualification, our first commercial run of 20,000 boxes. This has significantly reduced Troegs down time and we are now looking at other items in the Troegs product line to help them improve efficiencies.