Case Studies


PrimeSource is one the nation’s largest manufacturers and distributors of building materials. They are currently in Home Depot who periodically requires them to produce a small volume of floor displays. PrimeSource has not worked with Buckeye Corrugated in the past but put their trust in us to handle this aspect of their business.


Home Depot periodically requires PrimeSource to produce a small volume of floor displays for market testing in certain regions. PrimeSource needed a supplier that could not just design a display that could hold 120 pounds of specialty nails but could also produce only 40 displays with minimal tooling and startup costs. Speed to market is another area PrimeSource struggles with.


BCI’s design team quickly developed a schematic, rendering, and prototype for testing purposes. After the display was approved structurally, the PrimeSource graphics team provided artwork and the displays were delivered weeks later. Doing the displays digitally eliminated the need to produce expensive cutting dies, print plates, and label set up charges.


PrimeSource currently has a high-quality display in Home Depot that has vibrant colors, a high gloss finish, and is structurally sound enough to be reloaded several times. The display was developed, produced, and packed out in weeks versus months.