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Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits

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Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits was looking for a better way to display its mouth-watering visuals to hungry consumers looking for a tasty meal. Luckily BCI was there to serve up a helping of culinary genius!


  • Create a flexible signage system to retrofit into existing retail windows and fixtures
  • Feature high impact-graphics to drive consumer purchases


BCI knows that quick turn times and flexibility are the keys to delivering an end product as time-sensitive as food advertising. As such, we produced high-quality litho signage that was a cinch to execute under tight deadlines. Ultimately BCI’s speedy response time and high-speed equipment kept Popeyes timely food promotions on track with a compelling mix of bold colors and tasty food photography.


The oversize signs boldly advertise current promotions and specials at all Popeyes restaurants and have achieved 100% placement due to ease of execution.