Case Studies


Pens Paint and Paper is a greeting card provider that is located in Orlando, Florida.


A lot of the pain seemed to be in the assembly of the display and the little timeframe that they had to work with to build out thousands of displays each holiday.The challenge was to improve assembly time with a similar lookand preserving a solid design that has been in the marketplace for a years.

Having run this program for plenty of years with their current customer base we did not want to disrupt the process or expectatiions that Pens Paint and Paper had with their valued customers. We also wanted to maintain the integrity of the display when looking at improving assembly times.


BCI was able to provide a solution that kept assembly time, display integrity, and similar design as the top three objectives. The design team discovered that we could eliminate a SKU by combining two parts together on the display pockets.


We were able to eliminate a SKU and improve on assembly time. Instead of assembling two parts and then having to combine those two parts to make the display pocket, there was now one part that needed to be assembled to make the
display pocket. These displays can find these at your local TJMaxx, Marshall’s, and Home Goods.