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Omaha Steaks began in Omaha, Nebraska in 1917 by J.J. and B.A. Simon. It has been a staple in the midwest ever since and is now operated by 5th generation Todd Simon. They are the leader in mail order steaks, meats, and other edibles and they are considered to be one of the world’s most esteemed meat purveyors.


  • Put together a fulfillment and warehousing program locally in Omahe NE.
  • Create, produce, and ship corrugated packaging with ease of use and speed to market as the key drivers.
  • Supply Omaha Steaks a packaging solution for the holiday season where they ship out 45% of their product in 6 weeks.


We were able to partner with Kardia Warehousing and Fulfillment in Omaha NE. We created an auto bottom HSC with an infold top which Kardia would then pack their foam coolers in and stack on pallets. In late November through December Omaha Steaks picks up between 3 and 10 truckloads per day.


The new packaging saved costs on the fulfillment side and also alleviated the use and process of taping the HSC bottom. We took the warehousing and fulfillment out of Omaha Steaks Distribution Facility and streamlined the process.