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Oak & Eden is a fairly new, fast growing whiskey company that has a patented in-bottle finishing of its product that can be customized in store. They focus on customer interaction and customization. They have recently began adding brands to their parent company. One being JOJO, which is a sweet flavored whiskey, i.e. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, made for craft cocktails and sipping.


Like many companies, Oak & Eden goes heavily to market with it’s online presence through influencers and social media campaigns. They were looking for a special boxing experience for their influencers and customers.


The BCI team first created an influencer kit for them to send out and begin to promote the product. From there we worked closely with the O&E team to create an ecommerce shipper that is now used for all online orders for both O&E & JOJO lines.


Online ordering is exceeding forecast by 3x leading to faster orders and implementation of a stocking program for O&E.