Case Studies


Innovative technology paired with LeMond design principles has coalesced into a relaunch of the brand. Greg is now releasing the new Dutch and Prolog models of ebikes stemming from a desire to make biking accessible to all.


BCI Knoxville’s initial design for LeMond was a mix of corrugated and foam. Market feedback from LeMond customers was positive. The packaging was “innovative” and offered an unprecedented unboxing experience while protecting the ebikes valued at $5,000. BCI was then challenged to remove all foam from current packaging.


We were able to remove all but one piece of foam by adding in strategically placed protective tape. We designed a 1-piece DC to protect the bike during shipping and to maintain the high-end unboxing experience. 


The foam that was removed was valued at $75-$100 depending on the bike style and replaced with $30 worth of corrugation.