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Igloo developed and patented a recyclable cooler that was non-foam, molded pulp. They needed a display for retail sale. The manufacturer of the cooler was in Pennsylvania and was offering a turn key solution.


Igloo needed a structure to hold 10 cooler top and bottoms that was easy for the retailer to setup in store and required a small footprint. Igloo was looking at convenience stores as possible main outlets for a beach alternative to disposable foam coolers that are banned.


BCI developed a display structure that could hold the coolers and was easy to pack out by the cooler manufacturer. We made the process seamless for Igloo by providing support from multiple locations. Design and graphics support was handled in concert with PA. Pricing was supplied to Igloo who approved costs and paid for tooling while the cooler manufacturer cut PO’s for displays.


Henry Molded (manufacturer) has ordered in excess of $350,000.00 of displays for the Recool Displays from the BCI Lancaster facility over the last four years.