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Bonide Products

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Established in 1926, Bonide has a diverse portfolio of synthetic and organic gardening products that are produced by a dedicated team of over 200 employees in Oriskany, NY. They offer weed, insect, disease and animal controls in a variety of formulations and applications to meet any gardener’s needs.


Bonide produced a new product called a Roach Bait Puffer – which is a kit packaged in a small, clear vinyl carton. Bonide requested that BCI design a display that could be hung on a pegboard or horizontal wire rack. Bonide also needed the display to stay under 30” tall and still be able to hold 8 kits. In addition, this display needed to be gravity fed.


In order to fit 8 kits per display and remain under 30” in height, BCI created a display that held 2 columns of 4 kits. This would require an internal partition to separate the columns yet sized properly so that the kits would easily slide down the display.


By creating a display that had an internal partition and diecut with multiple hanging options, Bonide was able to market this display to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart and other big box stores with only one structural design. This allowed Bonide to streamline the cost of the display per unit.