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Established in 1926, Bonide has a diverse portfolio of synthetic and organic gardening products that are produced by a dedicated team of over 200 employees in Oriskany, NY. They offer weed, insect, disease and animal controls in a variety of formulations and applications to meet any gardener’s needs.


  1. Designing a display that held a specific number of quart bottles.
  2. Designing a display that stayed within the footprint constraints.
  3. Designing this display with the structural integrity required to hold the weight and abuse during fulfillment, shipment & merchandising.
  4. A common display for two different brands with a total of 10 SKUs.


BCI Rochester designers created a display that has a base/wrap, bottom supports & trays along with stackable display trays and header.


The display was designed to not only meet big box store requirements, but also had to work well in a small store setting like Ace Hardware & True Value.