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Buckeye Corrugated, Inc. Reflects on Leadership and Looks to the Future with Doug Bosnik and Dale Sommer

  • profile By BCI
  • calender 1 February 2024

We recently sat down with Doug Bosnik, Chairman, and Dale Sommer, President and CEO, to discuss their invaluable contributions to the company and the exciting future ahead.

Doug Bosnik

Doug Bosnik, with over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, served as President and CEO of BCI. Doug held various positions throughout his tenure, from Operations Analyst to Vice President and Executive Vice President. With a Bachelor’s degree from Westminster College and an Executive MBA from Case Western Reserve University, Doug’s wisdom and expertise were crucial in leading BCI forward.

Reflecting on his time as CEO, Doug expressed his pride in BCI’s tremendous growth and development. The company has flourished in terms of business capabilities and the caliber of its people. Doug looks forward to his new role as Chairman. He emphasized the importance of solid leadership, explaining that “better people attract better people,” resulting in continued success.

“Better people attract better people.”

Dale Sommer

Dale Sommer, President and CEO, joined BCI in 2019 as a Region General Manager and quickly climbed the ranks to become President and CEO. With nearly 20 years of high-level management experience at International Paper, Dale brought a proven track record of driving success. Under his leadership, BCI has implemented unique strategies that have propelled employees to new levels of achievement.=

Dale’s visible leadership style has fostered a culture of trust and empowerment at BCI. Associates are free to lead, creating a dynamic work environment where everyone can contribute their ideas and talents. Dale looks forward to building upon Doug’s legacy at BCI.

What Makes BCI So Successful

Doug highlighted employee ownership as a game-changer when discussing the factors influencing BCI’s success. He emphasized that the phrase “we eat our own cooking,” coined by Warren Buffet, perfectly encapsulates the commitment and accountability instilled in BCI associates.

The industry landscape has seen significant changes over the past decade, with consolidation and growth driving transformation. BCI has adapted by acquiring high-performing facilities and leveraging its expanded footprint to deliver unparalleled customer service.

BCI’s Future is Bright

Looking to the future, Dale emphasized BCI’s commitment to people, products, customers, and communities. The company aims to build on Doug’s solid foundation by creating exceptional work environments where associates can thrive. BCI’s commitment is reflected in Dale’s sentiment, “We have a standard of excellence that we all commit to.”

“We have a standard of excellence that we all commit to.”

With Doug Bosnik assuming the role of Chairman, his wisdom and experience will remain invaluable to the BCI Board of Directors, providing guidance as the company moves forward.

As BCI reflects on its accomplished leaders and looks to the future, it remains a trusted partner in the packaging industry, committed to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

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