05 February 2018

Jon McGurk Promotion

Date:    February 5, 2018

To:       BCI BCI Associates

From:   Doug BosnikBosnik

Re:      BCI Chief Operating Officer

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Jon McGurk to Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of BCI effective February 1, 2018.  In his new role, Jon will be responsible for all BCI Division Operations. 

For those of you who may not know, Jon started his career as a Designer at BCI’s Tennessee Division and was later promoted to Sales Representative.  From there Jon became Field Sales Manger at the Buckeye Division in Wooster, OH, where he also held the subsequent positions of Vice President of Sales & Marketing, General Manager and Division President. In 2013 Jon was promoted to Regional Vice President, a role in which he has excelled to this day.  There is no one in our company more uniquely qualified than Jon to fill this role. He has an innate grasp of how to profitably run sheet plants and has repeatedly demonstrated outstanding leadership in our company.  A case in point, Jon still holds the “high-water mark” for annual profit, earning $9.4 million at the Buckeye division in 2013. A record that has yet to be approached by any of our operating divisions.

This promotion is part of our succession strategy to develop the next generation of leaders in our company.  Jon will be working with Bob Butterfield in the coming weeks to develop reporting responsibilities and regional alignment for our operating divisions.  

Please join me in congratulating Jon on his most recent success.


Douglas A. Bosnik

President, CEO