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BCI uses session cookies to make its site more user-friendly.  These cookies are erased when you close your browser, and no session cookie information is retained by BCI.  The kind of information collected by BCI session cookies saves you from re-entering redundant data as you navigate through the site, increases browsing speed, and allows our site to recognize you as a single user as you move from page to page rather than counting each page as a unique visitor.  You can control how your browser handles session cookies in the settings menu of your web browser.  BCI does not use persistent cookies. 

BCI also uses analytic tools, including Google Analytics, to collect demographic and browsing behavior data from visitors to our site.  We use this data for marketing, and website design and revision purposes.  No personally identifiable information is collected by any of our analytic tools.  The kind of information collected may include, without limitation, a user’s geographic location, browser, browser version, operating system, referring site, search terms used to find our site, landing page, exist page, and the user’s path through our site.  


BCI does not honor Do Not Track signals from web browsers.  Therefore, users should expect that their browsing behavior is being tracked and recorded, and that it may be used for marketing purposes.  However, no personally identifiable information is collected by BCI, or to the best of our knowledge, by any tracking service used by BCI including Google Analytics. 


No personally identifiable information is collected by BCI without your consent.  Our site includes a Contact Us feature where you may e-mail message us.  BCI may use any information provided to address your message, e.g. to answer your questions, or provide requested information.  Any information provided to us, including personally identifiable information, will be stored in BCI databases and may be retained indefinitely.  This information is not shared with or sold to third parties.  BCI reserves the right to use any information provided by you to contact you at any time in the future for any reason. 


FTP services are provided and maintained by individual divisions of BCI for the purpose of sharing project-related documents.  You may work with BCI personnel to utilize FTP account services.  In order to maintain confidentiality of your information, a separate confidentiality agreement must be signed between you and BCI.  THESE TERMS OF USE DO NOT SERVE AS A CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT.  You should enter into a confidentiality agreement with BCI before providing us with sensitive data through FTP or any other means. 


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Any intellectual property provided to BCI through this website is presumed to be provided without restriction unless otherwise agreed.  Moreover, you agree to indemnify and hold BCI harmless for any infringement of the intellectual property rights of others that may result, directly or indirectly, from providing the intellectual property of another to BCI, regardless of whether the infringing material was provided to BCI knowingly or unknowingly. 


Without restricting any other terms herein, you agree that BCI is not liable for any damages to you that result, directly or indirectly, from the use of this website, or any information or content contained therein.  You agree that it would be unreasonable to rely on any information contained in, or implied by, content on our website without first consulting with BCI to ensure that your understanding is correct and that the information is not out of date or incomplete.  BCI expressly disclaims any damages that you may incur as a result of relying on any information contained in, or implied by, content on our website without first consulting with BCI directly.  Furthermore, BCI makes no warranty whatsoever with respect to any information provided through our site including information provided by third parties. 


BCI reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time and without notice.  Your assent to these Terms of Use, and any future amendments hereto, is renewed each time you access our site. 


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Corrugated Customized
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No-Cost Analysis

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